New 52 Wonder Woman (Mature Readers)

A new Wonder Woman for a new generation!

Written by Brian Azzarello (Joker, 100 Bullets, Luthor: Man of Steel) with art by Cliff Chiang (Human Target, Doctor Strange, Zatanna).

One of DC’s New 52 standouts, Azzarello achieved a level of artistry across his 36-issue run by simply removing Wonder Woman from the rest of the DC Universe. By ignoring giant crossover events and superhero nonsense, Diana’s origin story was reworked to fit her into the Greek pantheon of Gods. Caught in the middle of a succession crisis following the disappearance of Zeus, Wonder Woman must navigate her family’s machinations while staying true to her own values. Cliff Chiang’s art is fluid and kinetic while all the character designs are unique and distinct. Plummeting to tragic lows before swelling to an epic, bloody conclusion, Azzarello’s WONDER WOMAN is a superhero must-read, especially for those who’ve never given the character a real chance before.

Volume 1 is available in paperback for $14.99



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