Vivisectionary Signing w/ Kate Lacour


Join us on at our Calhoun St. location on Saturday, August 24th from 6-10pm and celebrate the release of Kate Lacour’s Vivisectionary!

Kate Lacour’s Vivisectionary is a series of visual sequential experiments in the physiological, the pathological, and the occult. A bizarre and mesmerizing investigation through the marvels of biology and myth to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, the magic in science, the sublime in the grotesque. Part art comic, part surrealist textbook, Vivisectionary is a delightfully grotesque mix of the mundane and the macabre.

What if lactating snakes gestated inside fetuses? What if factory-farmed pigs were bred as giant, insentient cubes? What if the human spine generated methamphetamine capsules? These single page sequential images illustrate these and many other marvelous, hideous, enigmatic physiological mysteries. Each comics sequence is stitched together (pun intended) by a narrative thread that forms a strange and mesmerizing voyage through the body.

Find out more info at Fantagraphics.

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