East of West (Mature Readers)

A stunningly original sci-fi epic!

Written by Jonathan Hickman (Avengers, Manhattan Projects, Fantastic Four, Ultimates) with art by Nick Dragotta (FF, Howtoons, Vengeance)!

EAST OF WEST, one of our favorite ongoing series, is essentially a sci-fi Western about the Apocalypse. The story takes place in an alternate version of North America comprised of six nations– The Union, The Confederacy, The Kingdom of New Orleans, The Republic of Texas, The Endless Nation (Native Americans), and The People’s Republic (exiled Chinese Communists)– living in an uneasy peace following a continent-spanning conflict. However, unbeknownst to their people, representatives of each nation gather in secret to bring about the apocalypse as prophesied in part by Mao Zedong, Chief Red Cloud, and Reverend Elijah Longstreet in the final days of the great war. This isn’t their first go: years earlier, another attempt failed when summoned the The Four Horsemen were betrayed by one of their own. The lovelorn Grim Reaper, Death himself, is out for revenge against his former compatriots as they try one last time to bring the whole world crashing down.

Combining slick sci-fi action with the tense pacing of a spaghetti Western and run through with dark portents of fate, EAST OF WEST is a wholly unique thrill ride that just keeps getting better. Volume 1 is available for only $9.99!

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