Locke & Key (Mature Readers)

An Eisner Award-winning Lovecraftian series from the son of Stephen King!

Written by Joe Hill (The Cape, NOS4A2, Heart-Shaped Box) with art by Gabriel Rodriguez (Little Nemo, Beowulf).

LOCKE & KEY recounts the story of siblings Tyler, Kinsey, and Bodie Locke, who move into their family’s ancestral mansion in Massachusetts following the vicious murder of their father. While exploring their new home, the Locke children discover a number of mysterious keys, each of which has a special power. As they cope with their grief and learn more about these incredible artifacts, a dark force hiding in their well begins to seek their destruction: an evil inexorably tied to the history of the Lockes and their creepy new house. A family-driven horror story that pulses with tragedy and heart, LOCKE & KEY is one of our all-time favorite series.

Volume 1 (of 6) is available for only $19.99

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